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Hospitals, doctor’s offices and patient care centers today represent an increasingly diverse mix of ethnicities, cultures and spoken languages. This reflects the diversity found in our nation in general. Over 24 million people in the U. S. – that’s about 1 in 13 people – speak and understand little, if any, English, and this number is growing, making healthcare interpreter services more important than ever. Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients can create significant challenges for healthcare providers as you work to deliver high-quality care to all of your patients.

In a healthcare setting, good communication is essential to quality care. This includes all aspects of communications with the patient, from explaining symptoms and potential treatments, to relaying medication allergies, details of needed procedures and instructions for follow-up care. Research has shown that assessing and improving the language services offered to patients will not only improve communications, but can significantly improve the quality of patient care.

In order to provide high-quality language interpretation for LEP patients, healthcare providers must somehow schedule an interpreter and then wait for them to arrive before proceeding with care. For many patients and for the healthcare provider, this delay is unacceptable. VRI is an elegant, quick solution that can be easily added to any hospital interpretation network.

Stratus Video Interpreting has a cost-effective solution to this problem that will help you improve patient care. With our healthcare interpreter service Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), healthcare providers can have a trained medical interpreter available when and where they are needed on-demand, in virtually any language.

Stratus’ VRI solution runs on most of the popular devices today (iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone or tablet, PC or Mac). Let Stratus show you how quickly you can have on-demand video interpreting available at the click of a button when and where you need it.

Staff interpreters today spend as much time traveling from location to location as they do actually interpreting for LEP patients. Stratus can help you dramatically improve the efficiency of your interpreters so they spend most of their time serving patient needs. Stratus Video can even provide back up and overflow for when your interpreters are unavailable. Video Supported interpretation improves patient care and satisfaction while reducing your costs.

We staff our nationwide video call centers with medically trained and certified interpreters in up to 175 languages, so if you need additional languages covered or you want overflow coverage for your interpreters during evenings or holidays, Stratus can provide the coverage you need cost-effectively.

Let us show you how easy it is. Contact us to speak with a Stratus Video Interpreting representative who can show you how easy and inexpensive it is. Or just click the Free Trial button above to see for yourself.

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