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Stratus Video Interpreting operates 28 interconnected videophone call center solutions throughout the United States (see map below). This geographic distribution provides Stratus with the ability to maintain language interpreting operations in the event of any localized weather or human-caused event (e.g., pandemic) that might otherwise interrupt operations. If one or more of our videophone call centers is disabled, the network and other call centers adjust accordingly to compensate and traffic is automatically redirected to those call centers, ensuring continuity of operations. The Stratus Video Interpreting Network is able to route calls to the next available interpreter in any call center on the network automatically. This unique video ACD capability gives Stratus an efficiency and resilience that is unmatched in the industry.

Rest assured that Stratus will be able to deliver the video remote interpreting solutions you need when you need it, 7x24x365.

Your Video Call Center
For hospitals with larger operations or with interpreters of their own they wish to utilize with greater efficiency, Stratus can provide our unique video call center capabilities to you for implementation at your facility. This will give you the ability to use your own interpreters or have requests roll-over to the Stratus video call centers as backup or in place of your interpreters to cover for vacations, holidays, evenings or languages your interpreters do not provide. And since Stratus is in-the-cloud, you do not need a large investment in on-premise equipment to make this happen.

Stratus gives you great flexibility in staffing and scheduling along with outstanding features and reliability. Please see Build Your Own Video Call Center for more details.

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