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Improving outcomes for limited English proficiency patients

Stratus Video recently became a part of AMN Healthcare. Together, Stratus Video and AMN offer a stellar suite of expert services to support the mission of hospitals and other healthcare organizations that provide the best care for patients.

Stratus Video is a language services company that is changing the way limited English proficiency patients communicate with their healthcare providers.   We are the largest and fastest growing video remote interpreting company in the world with over 1,900 hospitals and thousands of clinics using our solutions. We offer four proprietary products that provide video remote interpretation, over the phone interpretation, onsite interpretation, and telehealth interoperability.

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    Our technology is intuitive and easy-to-use, making quality interpretation the focus of any patient provider interaction.

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    Our 24/7 solutions allow your staff to provide timely, high quality communication to increase patient satisfaction.

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    Our team of dedicated and trusted professionals have decades of experience in interpretation, healthcare, and technology markets.

Stratus Video Qualifications

Our team of dedicated individuals is highly qualified. Members of our engineering team have achieved AWS Technical Certifications from Amazon, our Project Management team members are PMP Certified, and our interpreters hold a variety of state and national certifications. Also, our video application holds a CA Veracode Standard Security Certification. In addition, our leadership team brings decades of experience in both the healthcare and technology markets.

Meet the Leadership Team


We partner with leading healthcare organizations across the nation.

  • 1,900+

    Serves over 175 health systems and 1,900 hospitals and clinics

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    More than 3,000 medically qualified interpreters on the platform

  • 65,000+

    Leveraging more than 65,000 devices in use

Wired For Success

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