How Stratus Video Can Back Up Staff Interpreters
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How Stratus Video Can Back-Up Your Staff Interpreters

By David Fetterolf, Stratus Video President

In areas with high concentrations of limited English proficiency individuals, local healthcare institutions may choose to keep a few medically qualified interpreters on staff. This can help ensure that onsite interpretation is available full time in the most common languages in the area. However, it does not guarantee that every patient you treat will be able to effectively communicate with your interpreter.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. An Arabic-speaking woman comes in to a facility complaining of abdominal pain. The physician on staff wants to do an examination, which will require the removal of clothing. What if the only Arabic staff interpreter you have is male? If the female patient is modest and uncomfortable disrobing in front of a male interpreter, then communication and patient satisfaction will suffer. Alternatively, let’s say a Spanish-speaking patient comes in speaking a specific dialect from Honduras. Is your Spanish interpreter prepared to interpret for that dialect? Considering that most professional interpreters can only interpret for one to two dialects, the odds of you encountering a patient your staff interpreters cannot interpret for is relatively high.

At Stratus Video, we have taken all of this into consideration. We have staff for various genders, religions, and dialects, and our workforce management team ensures that we have interpreters in each category available at all times. If you place a call and a male interpreter answers, you can be transferred to a female interpreter immediately. Similarly, if a Stratus Video interpreter identifies a dialect they are not proficient in, they are able to transfer their call to a colleague that has the necessary skills – all without delay. In this way, our clients can feel assured that their patients will receive access to the right interpreter for them, every time they call.

If your institution staffs medically qualified interpreters, but would like to ensure that any and every patient will receive the communication assistance they need, then Stratus Video should be implemented as a second line of defense. Any time your interpreters are busy, or lack a specific skill set, Stratus Video interpreters can step in to handle the patient interaction. Stratus Video interpreters are qualified, diverse, and consistently available to serve your patient’s needs.

To learn more about Stratus Video Workforce Management, view this presentation from Stratus Video Executive Workforce Director, Jonathan Hall.


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