How to Install Stratus Video Interpreting - AMN Language Services
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How to Install Stratus Video Interpreting

Welcome to Stratus Video interpreting. Follow the steps below to install and implement the application in your facility.




How to install on a tablet via webpage download:

Open the internet browser on your tablet and go to this URL: Scroll down until you find the “Web & Mobile Apps” section. Choose either the iOS or Google Play store file based on the tablet you are using (iOS for Apple Products, Google Play for Android and Windows products). Click right on the image to begin the download.

Once mobile file begins to download, follow the prompts on your device to complete installation. Once the application is installed, tap the hummingbird icon to open.

How to install on a tablet via the Application Store:

Go to the App Store on Apple devices or the Google Play store on Android devices.  Search for “Stratus Video”. Make sure you download the application that has a green icon with a white hummingbird that says “Video Interpreting” underneath.

How to use on a web browser:

Open the internet browser on your tablet and go to this URL: Scroll down until you find the “Web & Mobile Apps” section. Under “Desktop Links” click “Click here to login.” That will redirect you a login page where you can enter your unique login credentials. We recommend booking marking this login page so that it is easy to navigate to in the future.

***Please Note: You need a camera, microphone, and speaker on your own devices to use Stratus Video.


Obtaining Unique Credentials:

Your Usernames and Passwords will be sent to you through a secure email. Make sure you keep this information in a safe place. If you lose the information, please call our Customer Support Team at 855-663-1231.


Using the Stratus Video:

Using Stratus Video is as easy as logging in, and selecting the language you need. Within minutes, you will be on the line with a medically qualified interpreter. Just follow the steps in this video:


Using Stratus Audio:

Stratus Audio is our audio interpreter service. You can reach the service either through the audio button in the Stratus Video Application or via any standard telephone with a speakerphone function. Watch this video to learn how to access it through the Stratus Video application:

Click here to download instructions for reaching Stratus Audio via telephone.


If you are receiving equipment from Stratus Video:

Your equipment will come fully loaded with Stratus Video and with your own Username and Password saved. You will receive an email notification when the equipment ships. Please note that you will receive separate shipments – one for your iPad and one for your stand. Make sure to keep all boxes just in case something needs to be returned.