Interpreting Services for Languages of Lesser Diffusion

By David Fetterolf, Stratus Video President

It is no secret that our country has experienced a great increase in linguistic diversity over the past few decades with no signs of slowing down. As globalization continues to rise, so too will language diversity.

Contributing factors to the upward trend include:

  • Continued immigration
  • Increased interest in language education
  • Influx of refugee resettlement

While European languages historically known as immigrant languages are dwindling due to aging populations and decreased migrant flow into the United States, other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and Vietnamese are growing at a rapid rate.

Language hubs – concentrations of certain languages – often form around points of entry into the U.S. Over time, internal migration trends, employment opportunities and other family factors dictate language hubs within the U.S.

Internal migration trends show that a steady influx of limited English proficiency (LEP) individuals are moving into states that have not traditionally harbored high percentages of LEP persons.

As a result, many of these states are faced with the daunting task of providing language access services for rapidly growing populations that greatly exceed their current resources.

In order to provide meaningful access to all LEP persons as required by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, hospitals are faced with the challenge of developing a high quality cost effective language access plan for a wide spectrum of languages.

While all modes of interpreting are essential to any successful language access plan, over the phone interpreting is particularly key when providing access to a wide range of languages, including languages of lesser diffusion. With Stratus Audio, you can reach a medically qualified interpreter in over 200 languages, 24X7X365.

You can dial in and dial out, providing an easy to use solution for appointment setting, over the phone consults, test results and more. It is the most on-demand mode of interpretation, giving you instant access to the widest spectrum of languages. There is 0% investment in equipment. You can simply reach into your pocket, and use your phone. Click here to learn more about our language services.


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