Introducing Stratus Call Centers

By David Fetterolf, Stratus Video President

Video remote interpretation is a fantastic solution for healthcare facilities when it comes to treating limited English proficiency patients. It is immediate, on-demand, and maintains visual connections. Onsite interpreters are fantastic, but the time spent getting to the patient’s exam room can be inefficient and costly. Fortunately, Stratus Video has come up with a solution for healthcare institutions that staff onsite interpreters, but are interested in reaping the benefits of video remote interpretation; The Stratus Call Center.

With the Stratus Call Center, healthcare facilities can seat their onsite interpreters behind the Stratus Video platform. Calls placed within the facility will route to the staff interpreters first. After hours or at times of high volume, the calls will roll to Stratus Video interpreters for back up.

The idea here is that staff interpreters no longer need to spend time and energy moving between patient encounters. They can stay in one place all day, and spend more of their time actually interpreting. Patients and providers benefit from seeing a familiar face on the Stratus Video screen, while still being guaranteed an interpreter during the times their staff interpreters aren’t available.

There are four key differentiators with the Stratus Call Center solution:

  • Lower Costs: Clients can build an internal video and audio call center and use their own staff interpreters for video and or audio calls.   This increases staff efficiency and lowers costs.
  • Interpreters Anywhere: Staff interpreters can work from any location, including their home. The system sees all staff interpreters as one interpreting pool. If they are busy, the calls will roll over to a Stratus Video or a Stratus Audio interpreter.
  • Familiar Faces: Implementing a call center will allow providers to work with interpreters they are already familiar with.
  • Visibility: The Stratus Call Center offers better insight into staff interpreter usage through our real-time monitoring and reports.

To learn more about implementing a Stratus Call Center in your facility, visit our Call Center webpage.

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