Introducing Stratus Video Industry Topics

By David Fetterolf, Stratus Video President

At Stratus Video, we are dedicated to bringing you the best, most up-to-date information on the language services industry. Everything from laws and regulations, to technology updates, to timely stories from our interpreters in the field – we cover it all. For the past several years, we have been publishing blog posts, white papers, case studies, webinar presentations, ebooks, and more. And now, we have made those educational resources easy to find.

Introducing our Stratus Video Industry Topics page.

If you are looking for information on a certain topic within the language services industry, look no further than our brand new Industry Topics page. To reach the page, simply roll your cursor over the “Resources” tab on our main menu. A drop-down will appear, and you will see “Industry Topics” listed there. The Industry Topics page contains a list of language access-related subjects, with a brief description of each topic. If you click on the subject title, you will be brought to a page containing curated resources surrounding that that particular theme.

For example, let’s say you land on the Industry Topics page and decide you want to learn more about the Joint Commission standards. You will find a list item that reads, “The Joint Commission Standards: In an effort to improve the quality of healthcare, the Joint Commission has established accreditation standards to help hospitals and health systems measure, assess and improve their performance. Language Services is a major component of the Joint Commission survey.” If you click on that list item, you will be brought to a page that contains a webinar hosted by a Joint Commission representative, a white paper on how your institution can prepare for a Joint Commission survey, and several blog posts surrounding Joint Commission standards.

We will be adding to our Industry Resources page monthly, so check back regularly to find out which topic we have decided to tackle next, and to learn more about the language access industry.

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