Moving at the Speed of Technology

By David Fetterolf, Stratus Video President

A liquid workforce is all about being adaptable, responsive and ready for change. Tools and technologies are both the cause and solution for the constant change in the present digital era. As new innovative technology emerges, health systems, hospitals and other organizations must update their products, services and business models to keep pace.

In turn, technology helps fuel workplace innovation, enabling employees, projects and organizations to be more flexible and ready for change. In healthcare, technology drives improvements in care, heightens patient engagement and elevates patient-provider communication. In this ever-evolving environment, organizations are looking for employees who are willing to embrace change and learn new skills quickly.

New skill sets are essential in today’s technologically advanced workplace. Nurses must navigate apps to reach interpreters for limited English proficient (LEP) patients. ER directors must utilize video conferencing platforms to collaborate with remote burn specialists. Most companies are currently experiencing a serious skills gap when it comes to technology use. In fact, a recent Accenture survey reported that 37% of executives say that retraining their workforce is more important than it was three years ago. In an effort to fill the void, companies are looking for creative ways to join the digital revolution.

Innovative workforce strategies enable companies to be more nimble in three key areas: skills development, project planning and organization structure. At Stratus Video, we readily embrace the latest cutting edge technology in all facets of our business. Technology drives efficiency, increases productivity, evokes collaboration, improves cost management and heightens security. Stratus Video is led by a team of dedicated individuals with decades of experience in the healthcare and technology markets.

We offer a complete language access solution including over-the-phone, video remote, and onsite interpretation along with an easy-to-use translation service. Our services leverage every day technology like tablets, smartphones, and laptops to ensure easy integration into your existing processes. At Stratus Video, our opportunity to strengthen the connection between technology and human interaction is what inspires us. We are committed to enabling visual connections and vital conversations. Click here to learn more about us.

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