Putting LEP Patients at Ease with the Stratus Audio Patient Line

By Kathryn Jackson, Stratus Video VP of Language Operations

Calling a healthcare professional is rarely a relaxing experience. Whether you need to make an appointment due to an ailment, need to reschedule an appointment due to a busy and ever-changing schedule, or need to update the doctor on an ailment that is potentially worsening, making a call to any healthcare institution can be stressful. Calling an English-speaking office when you primarily speak Spanish is even worse.

Imagine waiting patiently on the line while a pre-recorded voice is rapidly announcing things you cannot understand and listening intently for a voice to say “Para Español, oprima número dos”. Fortunately, that tense scenario is no longer the reality for patients seeking treatment in facilities that have implemented the Stratus Audio Patient Line.

The Stratus Audio Patient Line connects your limited English proficiency (LEP) patients to an audio interpreter first via a unique direct dial phone number. If a Spanish-speaking patient needs to call your facility, they will be given a specific phone number that is different from the main facility line. When they call that number, to make or reschedule an appointment, ask their provider a question, or inform the medical team on new developments with their illness, a medically qualified Stratus Audio interpreter will first greet them in Spanish. Together, the LEP patient and the interpreter will be transferred to the main hospital switchboard. The interpreter will facilitate conversation between the Spanish-speaking patient and whomever they are trying to reach, and the patient can handle their call easily and efficiently.

With the Stratus Audio Patient Line, the stress of a phone call to a medical provider combined with the friction over a language barrier is eased, and Spanish-speaking patients can remain focused on the task at hand.

When a Stratus Audio interpreter receives a call from the Stratus Audio Patient Line, they will be briefed by a pop-up that tells them which facility the patient is attempting to call, reminding the interpreter to greet the caller in Spanish. The patient and the interpreter are given a moment to establish rapport before a transfer is initiated to your main hospital operator.

Benefits of the Stratus Audio Patient Line:

  • Spanish-speaking patients can be greeted in their own language.
  • Establishing a rapport with patients up front facilitates healthy patient/provider communication.
  • Calls quick and efficient.
  • LEP patients feel considered and cared for by your facility.

By accessing an interpreter from the very beginning, patients can stop worrying about communication barriers and focus more on the purpose of their call: their health and well-being.

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