The Stratus Audio Patient Line helps treat Spanish-Speaking Patients
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Serving your Spanish-Speaking Patients with the Stratus Audio Patient Line

By David Fetterolf, Stratus Video President

As of the July 2016 census, there were more than 57 million in the United States were of a Spanish origin. At the time that was nearly 18% of the nation’s total population. Of those 57 million, 40 million reported that they spoke Spanish at home. More than 16 million reported speaking English less than “very well”. (source).

At Stratus Video, the overwhelming majority of the interpretation minutes we provide are in Spanish. Language diversity and needs may vary by region, but Spanish is the #1 language access across the board.

We are dedicated to providing the best language services possible, which is why all of our interpreters are held to a high standard of experience and performance. In order to join our interpretation team, all of our interpreters must meet or exceed the following qualifications:

  • Must hold a CCHI or CMI national certification endorsed by the NCHI or NBCMI where available.
  • Must meet or exceed all Joint Commission interpreter qualification requirements.
  • Must have at least 2 years of interpreting experience.
  • Must have an extensive working knowledge of the Professional Interpreting Code of Ethics.
  • Must successfully complete Stratus Video’s custom training program.

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But our service to the Spanish-speaking population of the United States doesn’t stop there. In order to help you best serve your largest non-English patient population, we have developed the Stratus Audio Patient Line as an add-on to your existing Stratus Video service.

Normally, Stratus Audio services are access by healthcare providers, who dial a Spanish interpreter for their LEP patients. The Stratus Audio Patient Line actually puts language access services directly in the hands of your patients. If and when your Spanish-speaking patients need to call your facility, they can dial a unique, Patient Line phone number. That number will connect them to a Stratus Audio Spanish interpreter directly. The interpreter will be prompted to greet them in Spanish on behalf of your facility. The call can then be transferred to your main hospital switchboard. This way, Spanish-speaking patients can immediately receive language access, and the Stratus Audio interpreter can assist throughout the entire call.

At Stratus Video, we believe in health equity. Our services are designed to help you provide your LEP patients with the same standard of service that your English-speaking patients enjoy. The Stratus Audio Patient Line offers a further step towards health equity. Install the line today, and help your patients feel safe and considered from the very first moment they contact your facility.

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