Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Over-the-phone interpreting that easily integrates with our VRI service.

Stratus Audio is a premier over-the-phone interpretation service that is easy to install and integrate into existing language access plans. There are no start-up fees or additional charge for callouts, and call prompts can be customized to service your facility. View list of available languages. Stratus Audio customers have access to the Stratus Video Customer Portal, which provides valuable insights into interpretation use within your facility.

The Stratus Audio service also includes the Stratus Audio Patient Line. The patient line offers Spanish-speaking patients a unique, direct dial phone number that connects them to a Spanish interpreter first, then forwards both the patient and the interpreter to your main hospital switchboard.


Our Over-the-Phone Interpreting Differentiators:

  • Stratus Audio Available on iPad along with VRI

    This allows staff to use one iPad for any and every language need. For languages not listed on a dedicated button, just press “audio”. This also means that VRI and OPI billing can be consolidated.

  • Audio services also accessible via phone

    Stratus Audio interpreters can be reached by any telephone, dual handset, speakerphone, or cell phone.

  • Calls answered quickly by a concierge

    The concierge will help you determine language needed and will connect you with an interpreter.

  • The Stratus Audio Patient Line

    Implementing the Stratus Audio patient line means Spanish-speaking patients can be greeted by an interpreter from the very first moment they call your facility. Spanish speaking patients will be offered appointment cards with the Patient Line number. View a sample appointment card here. This card is also available in Spanish.

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