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In-House Call Center

Connect With Your Own Interpreters on our Application

With our in-house call center, clients can use their own staff interpreters for video and audio calls within their facility. At times of peak volume, calls can roll over to our interpreters. This increases staff efficiency and lowers costs.

Our Differentiators

  • Lower Costs

    Clients can build an internal video and audio call center and use their own staff interpreters for video and/or audio calls. This increases staff efficiency and lowers costs.

  • Interpreters Anywhere

    Staff interpreters can work from any location, including their home. The system sees all staff interpreters as one interpreting pool. If they are busy, the calls will roll over to one of our interpreters.

  • Familiar Faces

    Implementing a call center will allow providers to work with interpreters they are already familiar with.

  • Visibility

    The Call Center offers better insight into staff interpreter usage through our real-time monitoring and reports.


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