On-Site Medical Interpreter

The fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to schedule onsite interpreters

Stratus InPerson is a unique Uber-like onsite interpretation solution, which connects hospitals directly with local interpreters, lowering on-site interpreting costs and improving scheduling visibility.  InPerson allows you to manage both your staff interpreters and contractors in one system and provides real-time visibility over both resources. All contract interpreters are pre-vetted and qualified by Stratus Video to ensure that you are getting the most qualified professionals available for your patients.

Our On Site Interpreter Differentiators:

  • Uber-Like Solution

    Stratus InPerson is an Uber-like solution, which connects hospitals directly with both staff and local interpreters. This serves to lower the cost of on site interpreting and improves scheduling visibility.

  • Comprehensive Scheduling of Staff & Contract Interpreters

    Clients can manage and schedule both their staff and contract interpreters using one system.

  • Real-Time Visibility

    Stratus InPerson provides real-time visibility into session status, interpreter location, interpreter qualifications, and post-session reporting.

  • Survey & Feedback

    All interpreting sessions can be rated by both the interpreter and provider.


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Webinar: Introducing Stratus InPerson

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