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Include limited English proficiency patients in your Telehealth programs

Our video remote interpretation application works with your telehealth solution, enabling on-demand access to medically qualified interpreters to support virtual patient/provider encounters. 

Our Telehealth Differentiators

  • Works with Your Telehealth Solution

    Our video remote interpretation application seamlessly aligns and integrates with many telehealth solutions. Instantly add a qualified medical interpreter to your next telehealth session over a HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted platform.

  • Easy Access

    Within any telehealth call, adding a video or audio interpreter will be as easy as selecting the language you need from a drop-down menu. Within minutes a medically qualified interpreter will join the telehealth call.

  • Improve Health Equity

    In order for your facility to achieve health equity, the same medical services must be offered to all patients regardless of primary language spoken. By offering telehealth services to limited English proficiency patients, you are achieving more equitable care.


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