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Access to Video Remote Interpreting on Any Device, Anywhere

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation with the on-demand nature of Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI). VRI is an effective solution for language barriers because it is instant, mobile and cost-effective. As the industry leader in VRI, our interpreters are available around the clock, are medically qualified and have an average connection time of 30 seconds. Today, we have 35 languages available over video. Our application holds a security certification from CA Veracode.

Our Video Remote Interpreting Differentiators

  • Largest VRI Provider in USA

    Stratus Video is the largest and fastest growing video remote language service company in healthcare. Over 1,900 hospitals and thousands of clinics use our solutions. Daily, we process more video calls than all of our competitors combined.

  • Healthcare Interpreting Focus

    We focus primarily on medical interpreting. All of our interpreters are tested to ensure language competence, are medically certified or qualified, and receive ongoing education on medical interpreting.

  • No Charge Equipment Program

    Our clients are not required to invest in capital equipment. We provide clients with both iPads and secure, hospital-grade stands under a right to use program.

  • Stratus Call Center

    With our in-house call center, clients can use their own staff interpreters for video and audio calls within their facility. At times of peak volume, calls can roll over to Stratus Video interpreters. This increases staff efficiency and lowers costs.

  • Telehealth Interoperability with Stratus Link

    We provide on-demand access to medically qualified interpreters within your telehealth solution to support virtual patient/provider encounters.

  • Any Device, Anywhere

    The Stratus Video Interpreting App can be loaded onto any Tablet, Smartphone, Desktop, or Laptop, and our interpreters can be reached over Wi-Fi or 4G.


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