The Importance of VRI During Times of Extreme Weather

By David Fetterolf, Stratus Video President

As Winter Storm Jayden bears down, schools are closed, flights are canceled, and everyone is staying at home to avoid freezing temperatures and dangerous conditions. But there is one thing that cannot be stopped or delayed during times of extreme weather – healthcare.

Illness and injury do not wait until the roads are safe and the weather clears. If you experience an emergency or even need help managing a chronic condition, you often cannot wait until it stops snowing to seek the care you need. During bad storms and times of extreme weather, dedicated healthcare provider continue to provide this treatment, often camping out within their facilities in order to help keep everyone safe. But when conditions are terrible and travel is dangerous, is it really necessary to make everyone come onsite for treatment?

Video remote interpretation is the ideal solution for treating limited English proficiency (LEP) patients during times of extreme weather. No one actually needs to physically be in the hospital in order to provide high quality, medically qualified interpretation. The healthcare provider simply needs to grab their device, select the language they need, and within 30 seconds can have a visual connection with a medically qualified interpreter. There is no need for staffed or agency interpreters to face the brutal weather in order to provide communication services, and there is no need for healthcare providers to sacrifice quality of care for LEP patients in order to keep their onsite interpreters off the roads.

Video remote interpretation can be used as a primary or supplemental communication service, but either way should absolutely become the first line of defense when road conditions become unsafe. Stratus Video interpreters facilitate communication from call centers all over the country, so they can easily step in when interpreters in the Midwest are unable to leave home.

Our thoughts go out to everyone battling intense conditions during Winter Storm Jayden, and we would like to assure our clients that we are here to offer exemplary service and support when it comes to their language access needs.

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