VRI Ensures Language Access Is Within Reach When LEP Patient Occupancy Is High

Hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States are experiencing a higher demand for healthcare services. To make the most out of existing resources, many are utilizing innovative, technological solutions to streamline care delivery. One such solution is Video Remote Interpretation (VRI).

The LEP patient population is on the rise. Each day, healthcare providers encounter an increasing number of patients in need of language services. These patients require the assistance of a medically qualified interpreter to ensure meaningful access to healthcare information, as required by Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, among other federal regulations. If hospitals do not comply with regulations surrounding language access in care, they can be stripped of financial reimbursement. In addition, the use of a qualified medical interpreter is associated with improved LEP patient care and outcome.

VRI is helpful for streamlining care when patient occupancy is high, particularly in areas with great numbers of individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP). Fortunately, the days of scrambling to locate a medical interpreter in the language needed onsite have become an element of the past. VRI greatly simplifies the process of providing language services to patients. Instead of spending time finding and scheduling a qualified interpreter, doctors can simply launch VRI from a computer, tablet, smartphone or other handheld device and select the language needed. Within 30 seconds, a qualified medical interpreter will appear over HIPAA compliant video ready to facilitate effective, meaningful communication between the provider and the LEP patient.

Due to its immediate connectivity and wide range of languages, VRI is ideal for walk-ins, emergencies and other scenarios when patients do not have a preferred language on record other than English prior to the healthcare encounter or when the demand for language services simply exceeds the number of interpreters that are available onsite. With quick access to a video interpreter at the provider’s fingertips, doctors can focus more on treating LEP patients and worry less about communicating with them.

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