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With just one button to connect, Stratus Video is the most user-friendly interpretation solution on the market. Find out more about how our product works now.

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Welcome to your interpretation solution. Find out what makes us the premier video remote interpretation vendor now.

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Stratus Video is intuitive and easy to use. Stratus's video remote interpretation (VRI) will help you communicate with your limited English proficiency (LEP) patients faster and much more efficiently. The Stratus Video application is device agnostic, and can be loaded onto any computer, tablet, or smartphone. With just one button to connect, Stratus Video makes it easy to provide quality interpretation to anyone in need. Learn how to use the Stratus Video application in this brief video, and don't forget to request a demo today!

"In a hospital setting, we know that good communication is essential to quality patient care...this new technology helps us improve communication."

- Bob Trautman CEO of Saline Memorial Hospital

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