Stratus is a Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) company with a cloud-based video network handling over 60,000 video calls a day.  Our service connects you to the right interpreter in 30 seconds or less, on-demand.

The Stratus video app runs on your tablet, smart phone, PC, Mac or videoconferencing system. And no big capital investment is needed.

Stratus Video connects to your staff interpreters and to Stratus’ certified spoken language and ASL interpreters with one button.  Improve your language services delivery while controlling your costs.  Contact us to set up a free trial.

Recent Blog Updates

Why Interpreters Matter – Vol. 1

By Kate Pascucci At Stratus Video, we are often asked what we do and how we do it. Answering these questions are easy; we provide video remote interpretation (VRI) for the deaf & hard of hearing and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) community and we accomplish that through a videophone network in the cloud. Throughout our [...]

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Do Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Americans have the right to language access?

By Kate Pascucci   First let’s start by answering a few background questions: How significant is the LEP population in the United States and why do language barriers matter? Over 21 million Americans have a limited English proficiency—meaning they struggle to read, write, speak and understand the primary language in the United States. This population [...]

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Arizona Courts – Will you be understood?

Across the nation, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Americans provide a challenge for our court systems. Court certified interpreters are highly needed and incredibly valuable, yet frighteningly scarce. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires court systems to provide LEP individuals with “meaningful access” to communication in a judicial setting, but between scheduling, [...]

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